Monday, September 19, 2011

Blogapalooza! Meeting Business to Bloggers!

I was present at the 1st Blogapalooza held last September 17, 2011 at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street. It was by invitation only and 150 bloggers were given an invite. Yours truly was one of the lucky bloggers who was given an invitation. Fifty (50) businesses signed in to talked about their respective businesses. The idea of the Blogapalooza was to introduce to the public/readers what was their product is all about.

The presentors were only given 5 minutes each to talk about their products.

I am proud to say that I'm a member of the Blogapalooza community!

The door open at 12:00 o'clock noon. The first 50 bloggers arrived get additional freebies and guess what?! I am one of them!
first 50 bloggers get these, aside from the freebies below

I am an athlete. My first thought was, as an athlete, not all the products presented will be related to what I am doing but I was wrong.

As an athlete, I need to established to have a good core and strong body. Even if its off peak season, you have to maintain your fitness level.

Can you only commit 30 mins of your time in busy schedules? A 30 minute 360 Circuit Training can be equivalent to combined 30 minutes of a typical gym workout and 30 minutes of aerobic workout.

7 free visits and Php1,000.00 GC at 360˚ Complete the circuit

Also, one of the good core workout is the Pole dancing. As you can see in the picture below, the "Polecat" has a perfect toned body muscle. She has a good flexibility of the whole body. Perfect flex of the feet, good for swimming =) For sometime, pole dancing is associated with gentlemen's clubs and strip joints but today pole dancing is a form of arts and crafts. I got 1 free class of my choice between striptease or sensual groove at Polecatsmanila .

Sexy pole cat

In every workout we do, body aches and pain is inevitable. Perhaps you want to try wearing Phiten, I have two. It helps the human body maintain a balanced and relaxed state by influencing, restoring and balancing the flow of bio-electricity in the body.

Phiten necklace

Carboloading is very important for runners and triathletes. You need to have enough energy before the big day. Pizza and pasta are the common food that runners/triathletes eat before the race. I cannot wait to try Papa John's Pizza for my next carboloading.

And how can you recover from the calories and energy you lost during the race? Your muscles need some protein and energy to recover them fast.

I stopped drinking coffee for more than three years now. For my pre race breakfast, I only drink tea or water.

Oh, the stress ball give away was perfect for my therapy. I recently had a bike accident. (from-south-to-north-my-first-taste)

Post race drink

Pre race drink

Did you know that some men and women triathletes and cyclist wax their hair? The reason behind it are (1) you are more aerodynamics (2) when you crash or fall and get bruised, it helps the healing process. no hair to contribute to infection and band-aids peel off much easier (3) keeps you cooler

For your waxing needs go visit Lay Bare.

Travel is unavoidable in the life of runners and triathletes. I myself, traveled abroad just to join marathons and going out of town for our team trainings. A good travel bag or luggage is a must to keep you organize.

When travelling, it is easy to have a checklist for your travel needs. If you want to contribute of helping our environment use eco friendly ballpens and pencils like treehugger has. For a pack, you contributes to the restoration of our country's indigement trees through Haribon Foundation.

Eco Friendly give pack

Track your time with baller wrist watch by Freestyle Ballers.

Tri United Matabungkay Triathlon 2011 was held in Lian, Batangas. Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel was the host hotel. It's a 2 hours drive from Manila. Hopefully next Tri United, MBR will sposor my team Endure multisport when they read this, hehehe! =)

50% off

How will you get to your destinations? You need a good spacious vehicle to fit all your things including your equipment, for triathletes, bike.

For Chana, great things comes in small packages. They believe for value for money. Size maybe deceiving but their van is multi-purpose, fuel efficient, environmental friendly, and cargo space and load capacity.

Chana: Great things comes in small packages

Great travel companion

You had a great race day. You want a comfortable changing clothes. Regatta offers casual apparel. Memo and For Me on the other hand has a good find for the post race awarding night.

Colors by Regatta

for me Body spray to smell fresh

Fashion and Art (Happy Fart) where you can also find good clothing. You can also use their facility for photoshoot.

Women have sexy body. The Boudoir Dolls is an all women group of photographers catering specifically to women. They bring out a bit of yourself into each shoot. In every shoot there is a story to tell. It maybe sexy but classy.

(photo credit to BD. model DJ Dianne)

Big K Imaging for your party and event photography services.

Triathlon in our country started to go green. In fact, last Subic Interantional Triathlon last May, 2011 the organizer used all eco friendly materials from loot bags to paper cups.

Treat yourself a good massage with this eco friendly oil treatments and products.
Oryspa products are made from rice bran

Good Spa after the race

For a week break on training, play at Lazer Xtreme! surely you will enjoy it.

I have GCs!

Reward yourself. Treat yourself. Go Shopping! Shopinas is here for your easy, secure shopping.

Who hates Math or English subject?! Bring your child to Galileo learning center to enhance their Math and English.

Who among you still listen to AM drama radio? Seeing tv commercials with voice over? Or watching animation? Creative voices is an audio produstion house established in 2005. To provides recording services at an unparalleled level of quality, technical excellence, maximum convenience, and extremely fast turnaround.

Now, you love what you do. The experience in every event and you want to write about it but your personal computer or your laptop crashed because of the virus. Put avira anti virus to protect your pc, netbook, or laptop so that you have a worry free while working with your blog.

There you go friends! Looking forward to the next Blogapalooza!

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  1. With a natural flow you can train the muscle groups without intense pressure on the joints. If you're looking for a total or nearly total body core workout, there is almost nothing out there that can compare to a good elliptical.


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