Monday, September 5, 2011

From South to North: My first taste of Bike Accident

Saturday is a regular bike ride for Endure Multisport. Last week, Joy, Raff and I decided to do our long ride at Clark in preparation for the 2nd Leg of Powerade Duathlon and also in support to our teammates who will be doing their first Team Time Trial at Immuvit Race against time.

The three of us waited for our teammates to finish the TTT before we do our own agenda. After the event, we first had our lunch at nearby Jollibee since Melvin had another race at 1:00 o'clock for the criterium of 60km. It rained, so we stayed a little longer.

At 12:15pm, we went back to Petrol gas station to parked our car. We set up our bikes. The rain stop. The weather was perfect. Melvin rode to the starting line. Sid and Philip followed him to cheer while Me, Pyds, Raff and Joy ride our bikes. Pyds showed us the route where the TTT took place. It was really nice to ride in Clark. When we were on our way back, Raff pointed that we turned right going to Air Force Road instead going straight to try the other side. Our speed was just right. Raff was on the lead followed by Pyds and I'm at the back of him and Joy was behind me. Suddenly a jeep stop in front of us, it was to late for me to keep away from not hitting Pyds. I was able to uncleat my left leg but too late for my right leg and I hit Pyds, I shouted "Pyds! dikit!" My front wheel got into the rear wheel and rear deraileur of Pyds' bike that caused of our fall. First thing I said, Pyds your derailer was broken! and when I checked my self, my elbow was dislocated. I can't stand and get off of my bike since my right leg was still attached in the pedal. Joy helped me to get out. Raff rush out and asked how am I, I responded to him calmly that I'm okay. I told him, got my elbow dislocated just like Joy and Noelle =)

I was the 3rd victim in our Team to have this kind of an accident. First in Nuvali, 2nd at DH both in South and now in North. I am praying that this would be the last accident in our Team.

Waiting for the ambulance

The Clark guard immediately made a call on his radio for an ambulance. Then 2 more guards came. Initially they thought we were part of the tour but we told them we were just a support doing our training. A few minutes the ambulance came. Joy accompany me to the hospital while Raff and Pyds waited for Sid and Philip to load our bikes in the car.

While in the ambulance the Medic told us that I am the second patient they brought in at St. Carmel Hospital. The first patient was enganged the in the motorcycle accident. When we reached the emergency room there he was lying in the hospital bed full of blood. I didn't take a glance of him thinking that this guy might have a serious open wound and bathing with his own blood, hahaha! Anyways, as I was interviewed of what happened, the technician lead me to the x-ray room. It just took us 2 mins before the x-ray came out. Unfortunately, they don't have an Orthopedic to reduce my arm and back it into its proper place. The doctor on duty gave us an option to go to Angeles Hospital but she said the they didn't guarantee that there's an Ortho on duty also. *Sigh* In that situation, I told the doctor I'll just go to Makati Medical in Manila and just give me some pain killer. She gave me Selebrex to take. I asked Joy that I can still manage the pain for the 2 hours travel to Makati Med. We waited at the lobby for the rest of the guys to pick us up. "Matagal pa pinaghintay namin ni Joy sa kanila, hahaha!" They were lost looking for the hospital. When they arrived, Philip suggest that we go to Veterans Hospital since Noelle know someone working there and the doctor who attended to her during her accident with the same damaged of mine worked there.

My dislodcated elbow

Transferring to Manila Hospital

Veterans Hospital

We were surprised that the hospital is located in the golf field. We noticed that it was nice to run in the area. The compound is full of trees. In the emergency room we greeted by a guy (sorry I forgot to get his name), Manansala? I said "Yes". "Dr. Ang is waiting for you" woah that was nice. Thanks to Noelle for the quick referral. The hospital attendant brought us to Ward 6. The hospital is old. When Dr. Ang examined my x-ray, he made some call while looking on the x-ray. He gave me two options to reduce my elbow. (1) is to go to the operating room, have a general anesthesia and spent a night in the hospital. Which he said it will cost me more since I'm a private patient. (2) is just to undergo the simplest procedure, just to pull it without any sedation. I asked him how long it will take if I just go for the procedure number two. He said it depends to the reaction of my muscle. He said, it's better if it will respond in just one minute. *smile*

When he gave me the options, from the tone of his voice, as if he believes that I can handle the option two.

I told to the doctor, I will take the option #2. (honestly i don't want to spent a night in the hospital, it was scary, hahaha!) If it didn't work, then I will go to #1. Dr. Ang lead us to the small room. He instructed me to lay down in bed, as if I am doing the planking, hahaha! He get two dextrose soft bottle and put it under my arm to get enough height and hang my arm. Slowly he was massaging the affected area. Putting some force. Asking me if it hurts and I answered it was ok. He continued on what he was doing then I heard a snap. It's done! My elbow is back to its normal place! Joy, Pyds and Sid were laughing! "Ganun lang pala 'yun!" It only took 20 minutes for Dr. Ang to place it back. The doctor said I need a cast to immobilized my arm and come back after one week.

My style of planking ;)

Dr. Ang doing the traction

My elbow is back in place

To date, not still one week of my accident, I can already move my arms. The swelling in my elbow is almost gone. I can already drive. Only a small pain in my wrist. After 2 days, I already remove my cast (stubborn).

Sling can be fashionable :)

Thank you to the following people -

Joy for staying with me for the whole time. I told her i will be their driver for that day but instead she served as my driver. I can't thank you enough.

Sid and Pyds, thank you for staying with us also. Pyds, sorry for the stressed i caused you with your bike.

Philip, Raff and Melvin for kind thought.

Noelle for the quick referral at Veterans Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Ang and Dr. San Gabriel of VMH

For the whole Endure family for well wishes.

To the Clark security guards, ambulance medics, and the people of St. Carmel Hospital, Thank you!

*picture credit to Joy and Sid

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  1. Wow, akala ko fashion statement lang yung nasa elbow mo:_) Hope you're well now, Carinz. Absent ka lagi sa launches!:-)


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