Monday, November 1, 2010

Inter City 30K Galloway Run

Route revisited in my third series of long run in preparation for QC International Marathon on December 5, 2010. Last year QCIM i was tapped to be one of the pacers for 21K with the target finish time of 2:45. This year, I was asked if i wanted to do the pacer duty again but this time it's for full marathon. I accepted the offer since I did well in my previous FM. I am assigned to 5:30 target finish time but i did remind the organizer that i will be doing the Galloway method. A RUN-WALK-RUN. In all of my long distance races i always apply the Galloway method. It's an injury free marathon training program.

Oct. 30, 2010, scheduled 30K long run. Again, i was assigned to find a good route for the 30K route. Hmmmm...where can i find a good one that we will not get bored? We always run in BHS and besides we did our 25K run on our 2nd series in the usual route in BGC! Why not do the Condura training route again Carina? Why not?! From I plan our exciting 30K long run, the inter city route. We started at Ayala Tri Stock Exchange (Makati City). We took the Kalayaan flyover going to Rizal Drive of BGC. Raff asked me before the day "Pwede ba tayo sa Kalayaan? Di ba bawal dun?" I answered him "Pwede naman basta maaga tayo, hehehe!" From Ayala Tri to the foot of the bridge is about 3km. It was so dark. I forgot to bring my blinker. None of us brought headlamps too. So, we ran in darkness that only passing cars head light served as our light. We reached the BGC, Taguig (2nd city). We were all serious while we continue our run. No one say a word, Raff jokingly said, "Galit ba kayo sa akin dahil late ako? hahaha!!" That's the only time we all talk.

Inter City 30Km Route

At around 5:20am we were in Bayani Road, the long stretch of road with flats and rolling hills. I told them that it is my most hated route 'cuz it's long!!! We passed the Heritage park. Since it was All Saint's Day weekend, the park was full of lights. A lot of people were also doing their morning routine. We saw Brando along the way in Lawton Ave. We reached our first pit stop, the 12Km mark 7-11 in Chino Roces Ave. Ext. Everybody were still in good condition. Still look fresh. Reloading and hydrating for 5 mins.

18kms to go! Let's go guys! We will show you where we did our long run last Condura Marathon. Raff and I lead the group. We know that it was new for them. We cross the bridge going to Villamor Air Base (Pasay, City. 3rd city). Raff and I reminiscing the original Gallowalkers then. We stop in front of Terminal 3 and Resort World (see related article for photo ops. We all passed the aiport roads, airport, domestic and NAIA Rd.

Terminal 3 at the back

Marriot and Resort World Hotel

2nd Pit Stop 18Km mark, PTT Gas Station in NAIA Road. After replenishing, we proceed our run. The weather is perfect. It's cloudy. On our 19th Km we reach the Macapagal Ave. We saw a lot of cyclist doing their peleton. Saw familiar face too, Hector of Secondwind. I told Raff that our next pit stop is Km24 but others might find it long. So, we asked them if they want to stop on Km22 or Km24. They shouted, Km22!!! hahaha!! Haring Araw started to appear when we reach MOA but we pray that it is only temporary and true enough, he hide again in the clouds.

Last 8km. Macapagal Ave. going to CCP. Raff requested for photo ops at Amazing Show Theater and another at Hotel Sofitel. We were consistent in our pace, 7-6:45/km at most from start to 28km but suddenly on the last 2km, we were increasing our pace. We wanted to finish the distance immediately. When Zalds, shouted 30Km!!! All suddenly walk, wth!! hahaha!!! Ok, coll down :) We walk the 200m going to 7-11 One Center, our End Route.

Amazing Show Theater and Sofitel in CCP Ground

No injury after. Thanks for those who joined us in our 3rd Series of Galloway training.

Congratulations to Julie, Jessie and Jesus for completing the distance. Their longest run so far.

See you next time!!

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  1. Thanks Coach Carina, we wouldn't have completed the distance had it not been for you. :-)


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