Thursday, November 25, 2010

Woman Issue: Monthly Cycle!!!

Lucky that men don't have this monthly cycle. For us women is always a problem specially for woman athlete. Running and the menstrual cycle need to be considered.

I never had a problem before in every weekend that i had my races. My cycle usually visits me on weekdays but that not happened on Run United 2. It came, Oh no!!!! But i have to run this race. I need this long run.
Most women suffer from menstrual cramps at the time of their menstrual periods. These menstrual cramps are also known as dysmenorrhea because they occur during the time of periods. There are many symptoms associated with menstrual cramping aside the pain caused by it. The main symptoms of period pains include pain the lower back which is kind of a throbbing pain and also spreads to the thighs, dull and constant pain in the lower abdomen, lightheadedness, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and abdominal bloating.

3:30am I arrived in BHS. Feeling ok, waiting for Raff to arrive. I feel no pressure 'coz this is part of my training for QCIM.

4:10am Raff and I did our warm up. We saw Mamaw Idol Michelle, Junrox and Alfred doing their warm up also. I jokingly said "Is this your warm up pace? b'cuz it's my race pace already! lol!"

4:20am Marshals are starting to call all the 32K runners to gather at the corral. Raff and I did our short stretching before the gun start at 4:30am.

Count down begins and the horn blown at exactly 4:00am. We strategically plan our run on that day. We do the Galloway ratio of 5:1 at 6:30/km. We ran conservatively on our first 5km and we go on but i observed that we were running to fast already. I said to Raff that we were way to fast in our planned pace, he said "that's ok, kaya naman". After Km11, i said to Raff to go ahead, i can't keep up on his pace anymore. He said alright just clap loudly so that he can hear it andtime for him to walk. He's time watch turned him down as early at Km2.

Km14, I can feel the pain in my lower abdominal that i had to slow down and even walk longer from my galloway ratio. Friends who were surpassing me asking if i'm ok, and i will say yes even if I feel the pain. At Km18, the fatigue in my legs was starting to occur. I can feel the tightness in my calves and heaviness of my feet. More so, I already have blister in my right pinky toe that i had to walk more than run. This is it!! I am no way to reach my time target just finish the race Carina! So I did! But I am still happy that i had a good split in my 10k though =) And I learned a lot in this race.

So, what other women do when they have their cycle?

Do you still run? I do.

Do you use Tampons?
Never tried one.

Lucky Men!

Is this available locally?

Or you simply use pads.
Yes, but expect the chaffing.


  1. wish you told me carinz. i brought celecoxib in my waistbag for the pain, just as in T2N :-). Congratulations, you did great despite the adversity!

  2. Thanks Doc! but I'm not use to take pain killers =)

  3. Ew... buti na lang walang photos ng actual run. Hehehe...

  4. Unluckily, I'm always in the 1st to 3rd day of my period from the 6 out of the 12 races I've joined. And it's really not nice. Argh. But the only upside is that I don't have cramps whenever I'm running.
    No wonder you look quite pained when I bumped into you after my cr break in the Petron gas station. Kudos for finishing the 32K, ma'am!

  5. I started my period just as I got back on 32nd Street from Essensa! Hay naku hassle talaga :P Funny red spatter in the blog post ha.


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