Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mark Time. Keep Run Going!!

Is QCIM your first Full Marathon or your first Half Marathon? Do you have your target time?

The 1st QCIM last year was very memorable for me. I was chosen to be one of the pacers for the 21K with the target time of 2:45 and it was my first time to do the job.

21Km Pacers 1st QCIM 2009 (photo credit to Doc Marvin)

42Km Pacers 1st QCIM 2009 (photo credit to Doc Marvin)

This year QCIM, I was asked to be in the league of pacers again but this time for the Full Marathon.

Pacer duty is very a tough job. A pacer job is to run in a steady kilometers. We have to make sure that the runners whose running in our wings meet the target time.

Now, have you decided what's your target time in the coming QCIM? If not, Meet your Pacers, Your Marker.


4:00:00 Alipio Narciso / Jeff Abenina / Wilnar Iglesia/

4:15:00 Eric Socrates / Michelle Estuar F

4:30:00 Lester Chuayap / John Jeffrey Avellanosa / Russel Pata

4:45:00 Siosan Baysa F / Chinky Tan F

5:00:00 Albert Henson / Francisco Lapira/ Prince Baltazar/ Carly Dizon/ Chris Ng/Carly Dizon

5:15:00 Jade Lee F / Ronnie Gabriana/ Mar Marilag/Derek “Gab” Gabriel

5:30:00 Nickko Nolasco / George Dolores/

*Carina Manansala/ *Doc Topher Montaos *(Galloway Method)

6:00:00 Dwane David / Robert Rosario/ JJ Layug/ Allen Gasper


2:00:00 Jixee Lagunda/Brando Losaria/Nick Geaga

2:15:00 Tin Ferreira/Ricky Gundran/

2:30:00 Running Diva/Roelle Punzalan/Raymund Canta

2:45:00 Neil Barrios/Marvin Opulencia

3:00:00 Erick Alabastro/RJ Bumanglag

Each pacer will be holding a short 2 feet handled flag instead of balloons which is color-coded and the finish times indicated on each banner which corresponds to their target times. Each target time will have two (2) or more pacers. The "Lead Pacer" will be setting the pace and the "Sweeper" will be on watching and offer support and encouragement to runners who may be dropping off the pace.

The gun start for 42Km will be at 4:30am. So, for those running the Full Marathon they are advice to be at corral before the gun fired off and to seek for their pace marker. And for the 21K, you will be sent off after 30 mins later at 5:00am.

Goodluck!!! and See you on the Road!!!

Credit to Jazzrunner for the info.


  1. Thanks Carinz and please include RJ Bumanglad for the 3:00 21k pacers.;-)

  2. I'd volunteer for pacer duties but I don't have enough training :( maybe next yr

  3. pwede ba ako i-pace sa 5:30 pero dito sa Vegas? LOL! These runners will be lucky to have you as their pacer coach Carins. Wish you were here =(

  4. Noted Sir Rene.

    @Gail: You can choose naman your target time.

    @Juls: I will be there in spirit, running by your side. Just imagine na madami ka pace. Just stick to your plan. You will be fine.

  5. yey! pacers galore! thanks for the update

  6. elder, malamang i will be joining you sa 42k galloway 5:30


  7. thanks for the info ms. flying boar! i'd like to join 2:00 on 21k with my both fingers crossed! :) -- cutie_runnr


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