Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We are in Phase 2!!

Adination of Runners phase 1 done! For those who are unaware of what aNR is? adiNation of Runners started in May 2009 in Singapore with 4 clubs. It was part of Adidas 360 approach to be a better running brand – Products, technology and service. aNR has 7 clubs in Singapore, 4 clubs in Philippines, 9 clubs in Malaysia, Indonesia. The adiNation of Runners is a running club with a different. The goal of the club is to provide members with value-added training and special privileges to train and motivate them to achieve new fitness levels. Every Runner is Different. For aNR it motivate each runner and push to stay motivated. aNR Philippines have 1,000 members since it started in March, 2010. To date, aNR has four sites, Alabang, Ayala Tri, BHS and Ortigas. On November 9, 2010, another site will be opening at MOA and UP.

What we have accomplished in Phase 1?

Here are the testimonies of aNR-BHS.

"aNR helped me have a "scientific" approach to my runs. Before I just run without any other knowledge about it but ever since joining aNR I learned different techniques on how to improve my running. The Team Leaders being an Ultramarathoners or Triathletes also gave me so inspiration that I can achieve those things in the future." - Mark Leonard Manalo

"When I joined the aNR training. This is where I found out about training from not only a single type of training that there was a couple of different training in running (from circuit to speed to name a few). It made me more prepared to run my first Marathon this year, to learn what to expect in a run and best of all less injury when I found out about your stretching techniques. Now I approach running differently it has more purpose and prepares me to set new goals every time we train and run." - James Rosca

"Running on the treadmill became unbearable and utterly boring, so I sought out for running buddies. I found adiNation of Runners BHS. But I got more than just company. I found expert coaches, dedicated runners, and cheerful friends. - Francis Fermin

"Before joining ANR I didn't have any formal training or joined any running clinic. My goal every run is just to cross the finish line; I was also not familiar with some running terms; I only get to understand some when I started joining the running clinic of Adidas. At ANR I was able to get myself familiarized with different terms and how I will apply them during training. I could also remember my time with Natures Valley RunRio Leg2 was 2hrs 39mins 21secs. I run another 21km at Rexona and all the hard work paid off and I had good PR there of 2hrs 16mins 37secs." - John Tigno

Exclusive Privileges got by aNR on Phase 1

Team aNR BHS a.ka. Storm Chasers

  • Free socks and key chains
  • 15% up to 30% off in adidas running products
  • FREE and 50% off in registration for KOTR 2010
  • Got a chance to buy the limited aNR singlets

On November 9, 2010 we are move to Phase 2 for Adination of Runners.

aNR Passport

What to expect?

For phase 2, aNR have two new sites, MOA and UP.

Your Team Leaders

  • Alabang - Jinoe and Nao
  • Ayala Tri - Bong_z and Ellen
  • BHS - Marvin, Carina and Que
  • MOA - Pojie and Cindy
  • Ortigas - Luis and Argo
  • UP - Rene and Abby

aNR Team Leaders

TL’s are not professional coaches but they can over perspectives from a real non-elite athletic perspective, quoted from GBM. TL’s can apply what they learned in clinics and trainings.

Rewards Programme.

  • Running freebies will be given out to motivate runners to run regularly.

To Add Value for Runners

  • Free sport drinks in every session
  • Rewards/prizes/benefits during runs


  • Held every 5th Saturday of the month
  • Special run to bring together runners from all clubs
  • Special route between 5-10km, start off from adidas store
  • Product demonstrations – sponsors/adidas
  • Product launch
  • Private shopping that offers 30% off
  • Raffles
Schedule of aNR Session:

Tuesdays: UP, 6:30pm, infront of Abelardo Hall,
Alabang, 7:00pm, Madrigal Business Park
Ayala Tri, 7:00pm, inside Ayala Tri Garden
Wednesdays: MOA, 7:00pm, IMAX Parking Lot
Ortigas, 7:30pm, Pearl Drive infront of UA&P
Thursdays: BHS, 7:30pm, Bonifacio High St. near ROX parking lot
Fridays: Ortigas, 7:30pm, Pearl Drive infront of UA&P

Join the aNR group forum at for more updates.

Credit to Marvin at Brando for the pictures


  1. Being part of this group gave me more reasons to run. Initially, I run simply because I needed it. But now, I am running for the love of it. Enjoying the freebies are one of the perks but this running group offer so much more than that. Thank you aNR! Looking forward to the new phase.

  2. I really had a great time running with you guys last Phase I and I can't wait for Phase II to start.

    Excited for the raffles and private sales too. Heheh :D


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