Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Are you up for the Pharmathon Unleashed Challenge?

Are you up to the challenge? Do you have the will and conquer a country? If you are, this is the time to become a Pharmathon MVP!!!

The Pharmaton MVPs will traverse 2,795 kilometers of the entire archipelago. They will be tasked to run, bike , kayak, sail, and swim the distance; each challenge will be timed and recorded. The challenger with the best total cumulative race time will be the Ultimate Pharmaton MVP.

30 Mountains.

45 Rivers.

7,107 Islands.

2,000 Kilometers.

5 Challengers.

How to join:

Pharmaton MVP Unleashed Challenger Mechanics:

1. The Pharmaton MVP Unleashed Challenge is open to Filipino citizens (citizen by birth or by naturalization), male and female between 18 and 55 years old. Interested parties can register online by filling up the Pharmaton MVP Unleashed Challenge application form on the Pharmaton website (http://www.pharmatonmvp.com/). An online medical examination form must also be submitted if available along with the application form. Applicants must be fully aware of the terms and agreements stated in both forms (participant's agreement and medical examination form) before submitting.

2. Application period is from December 3, 2010 – January 7, 2011.

3. Five (5) finalists will be chosen based on the following criteria:

o 50% ability to finish the race

o 30% physical examination results

o 20% personality

4. The top five (5) applicants will compete for the honor of being the Pharmaton MVP Unleashed winner.

5. Top applicants will be notified through SMS, emails, and phone calls.

6. The Pharmaton MVP Unleashed Challenge will start in March and end in mid-April. Last day of submission of application forms in on January 7,2011.

7. Top five (5) finalists will be required to run, bike, and swim a total of 2,795 KM for a duration of thirty (30) days for the cross-country race.

8. Total times for each finalist will be recorded on a daily basis.

9. Total cumulative time will determine the winner of the Pharmaton MVP Challenge.

10. Prizes are:

§ P500,000– 1st Place

§ P250,000 – 2nd Place

§ P150,000 – 3rd Place

§ P100,000 – 4th Place

§ P50,000 – 5TH Place

11. Should fortuitous events such as bad weather, earthquakes and the like happen, the discontinuation or continuation of the race will be based on the race organizers' decision.

o All participants for the Pharmaton MVP Unleashed Challenge must comply with all rules and regulations provided by the race officials.

o All participants for the Pharmaton MVP Unleashed Challenge must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and comply with all its stipulations.

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