Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Looking Trough the Eyes of Love

Here's the second Phillar of the Endure's Blackberry Love series of contests.

Did you know that a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture tells a story just as well as large amount of descriptive text.

Well, in the case of Endure's Looking Trough the Eyes of Love contest, a picture can be worth Php5,000.00!!! It easy to win.

Here's how :

1. Theme: Display of Affection or Appreciation for BlackBerry phone.

2. Format: Digital. Any camera. Photo will be uploaded and posted on ENDURE's-BlackBerry-Love page

3. Post procession may be allowed but limited to (1) cropping (2) levels/curves (3) hue/saturation (4) sharpening. Selecting parts of the photo for post procession is not allowed.

4. Rights to all photographs submitted shall remain with the photographer. Aside from the conduct or promotion of this contest, photos will not be used by Endure or other parties without the consent of the photographer.

5. Deadline of submission of entry is on February 14, 2011. Post entries on the wall of Endure's BlackBerry Love page. Multiple entries are allowed.

6. Period for online viewing and public voting through Facebook from post date until February 14.

7. Winning photo will be judged by the Team taking into account the BlackBerry brand and the public votes "Likes"
tes (Likes).

8. Winning entry will receive Php5,000.00

9. Winner will be announced on the BlackBerry Love page on Feb 15.

Post your entry now and your photo might be the lucky winner!!!

Note: This is just a fun contest organized by the ENDURE in appreciation of BlackBerry

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