Friday, October 29, 2010

Road Race Etiquette

Running in the Philippines is booming fast and some runners are new to running in road races, they may not familiar with some of the rules – both stated and unwritten. Many veteran runners or seasoned runners love to see new runners joining the sport but they have pet pique about those inconsiderate behavior from other runners, especially beginners. To avoid irking fellow runners, here are some etiquette guidelines to follow when participating in road race:

1. Pay for the Race

Entering to a race without paying also called “banditing” is not fair to race organizer, volunteers and especially to those who paid.

2. No Jigling Sound

Don't carry loose coins or keys that jingles. They annoy runners who are near you.

3. Don’t take up the whole road

If you’re running with friends or a group, try not to take the whole road so that other runners and faster runners can pass through.

4. Line up properly

Faster runners should line up at the front of the starting line, slower runners and walkers at the back. Some races have corrals based on estimated pace or post pace signs. If not, ask runners nearby about their anticipated pace; if it's faster than yours, move further back. Most races use timing chips, so the time it takes you to reach the starting line won't count in your final net time.

5. Be careful at Water Station

Water stations can get chaotic and crowded. Use caution when running into a water station and make sure you're not cutting off other runners or spilling water on them. Don't go to the first table at the water stop. That's where all the rookies stop and if it's a big race, it's going to very congested. Keep running to one of the tables farther down.

6. Show Appreciation to Volunteers

Race will not be successful without the help of the volunteers. Say "Thank you" when they hand you water or sport drink.

7. Keep Moving at the Finish Line

Don't immediately stop at the finish line or in the chute. There will be runners coming in right behind you, so keep going until it is safe to stop.

8. No Spitting and Snotrocketing

You know spitting can spreads disease. Please be cautious before doing so. Look around before launching your rocket.

9. Thanks your Supporters

Don't forget to thank your supporters that cheering for you. Acknowledge when they greet you. If you're to tired to say "thanks", wave, nod or simple smile to them.

10. No Cheating

Don't cheat on the race. You only fooled yourself not your fellow runners.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grand Fiesta Run, My Work Turf

When I was doing my training for my first Condura Full Marathon 2010, we did 37km on our last peak of long run. I plotted the route that included the road leading to the airport which is my everyday road travel going to work and after work. The idea came since we need to come up for the 37km distance. My runningmates were amaze to the new route I did for them. We passed the wide road of Andrews Ave. were you can see the Airport Terminal 3 and at the other side is the Marriot Hotel and Resort World Hotel. At that point in time, we wish that someday it will be included in the race route ‘coz the road was flat, wide and new.

Me and Tracy crossing the finish line (Condura 2010)

That wishes come true on November 28, 2010. There will be the Grandest Fiesta Run. Woohoo!!! New route, more fun!!!

Besides the usual fun distances of 3k/5k/10k, runners can join the 1k fat race category. You can come with your office outfits, most colorful or fiesta inspired outfits to win more prizes!! More so, when you join the race you get a chance to win in the raffle for a 3day/2night trip for four to Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore, how’s that?! with complimentary tickets to Universal Studios. And not only that, the lucky jetsetters will be flying aboard Resorts World Manila’s private jet. Awesome!!!


10K P650
5K P650
3K P650
1K P650

Race Date: Sunday, November 28, 2010
Registration: October 27 to November 22, 2010


Resorts World Manila;
Chris Sports branches at SM Mall of Asia, SM Mega Mall and Glorietta; and
R.O.X., Bonifacio High Street.

Sign up and suit up for Grand Fiesta Run 2010 and race your way to a relaxing getaway at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore!

For registration inquiries and delivery of race kits, call WWWExpress at 793-1777 or 852-7210.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

a Runner's Circle Soft Opening

Discover another running specialty store located in the heart of Manila, the A Runner's Circle (ARC). Aloha Hotel, Roxas Blvd. cor. Quirino Ave., Malate

Couple of runners were invited for the soft opening fun run of the store. It was well attended by familiar faces from Each runners were given an ARC dri fit shirt to wear. We did a 6 kilometer run from were the store is located upto Luneta and back to the store. Breakfast was serve after the run, and fun, fun, raffle. All Stars Dancers grace the event also.

All Stars Dancers

What makes them different from other running specialty store?

People behind the store are more than (10) years in the industry. ARC store in LA have been awarded Best Running Store in three (3) consecutive years and LAS&F Magazine's Best Running Store for the past two (2) years. Long-time friends Joe, on the business side and Derek, the physical therapist, are both running enthusiast. They want to share and fulfill their vision to fellow Filipino runners what they have been cater and shared to Los Angeles running community. Also, to support the local runners in all aspect of the sports that's why decided to put a store back home.

Long-time friends Joe and Derek (credit to ARC)

They offer great selection of running shoes, running apparel, injury prevention devices, corrective insoles and energy supplements.

Great selection of Running Shoes

Socks, Injury preventive, Energy gels

They provide shoe-fitting services and their top of the line technology gait analysis system to guide runners and walkers in finding the perfect shoe. With their iStep technology it's easier to identify the ideal Lynco orthodic for your individual needs. It also identifies your foot size, arch type and pressure points and then immediately recommends the most appropriate Lynco style for you.

iStep Technology

When you happen to run in Manila area or looking for your running needs? Visit the A Runner's Circle store. Visit their website at

Credit to : Rodel Cuaton and Rene Villarta for the photos.

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