Thursday, November 25, 2010

Woman Issue: Monthly Cycle!!!

Lucky that men don't have this monthly cycle. For us women is always a problem specially for woman athlete. Running and the menstrual cycle need to be considered.

I never had a problem before in every weekend that i had my races. My cycle usually visits me on weekdays but that not happened on Run United 2. It came, Oh no!!!! But i have to run this race. I need this long run.
Most women suffer from menstrual cramps at the time of their menstrual periods. These menstrual cramps are also known as dysmenorrhea because they occur during the time of periods. There are many symptoms associated with menstrual cramping aside the pain caused by it. The main symptoms of period pains include pain the lower back which is kind of a throbbing pain and also spreads to the thighs, dull and constant pain in the lower abdomen, lightheadedness, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and abdominal bloating.

3:30am I arrived in BHS. Feeling ok, waiting for Raff to arrive. I feel no pressure 'coz this is part of my training for QCIM.

4:10am Raff and I did our warm up. We saw Mamaw Idol Michelle, Junrox and Alfred doing their warm up also. I jokingly said "Is this your warm up pace? b'cuz it's my race pace already! lol!"

4:20am Marshals are starting to call all the 32K runners to gather at the corral. Raff and I did our short stretching before the gun start at 4:30am.

Count down begins and the horn blown at exactly 4:00am. We strategically plan our run on that day. We do the Galloway ratio of 5:1 at 6:30/km. We ran conservatively on our first 5km and we go on but i observed that we were running to fast already. I said to Raff that we were way to fast in our planned pace, he said "that's ok, kaya naman". After Km11, i said to Raff to go ahead, i can't keep up on his pace anymore. He said alright just clap loudly so that he can hear it andtime for him to walk. He's time watch turned him down as early at Km2.

Km14, I can feel the pain in my lower abdominal that i had to slow down and even walk longer from my galloway ratio. Friends who were surpassing me asking if i'm ok, and i will say yes even if I feel the pain. At Km18, the fatigue in my legs was starting to occur. I can feel the tightness in my calves and heaviness of my feet. More so, I already have blister in my right pinky toe that i had to walk more than run. This is it!! I am no way to reach my time target just finish the race Carina! So I did! But I am still happy that i had a good split in my 10k though =) And I learned a lot in this race.

So, what other women do when they have their cycle?

Do you still run? I do.

Do you use Tampons?
Never tried one.

Lucky Men!

Is this available locally?

Or you simply use pads.
Yes, but expect the chaffing.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mark Time. Keep Run Going!!

Is QCIM your first Full Marathon or your first Half Marathon? Do you have your target time?

The 1st QCIM last year was very memorable for me. I was chosen to be one of the pacers for the 21K with the target time of 2:45 and it was my first time to do the job.

21Km Pacers 1st QCIM 2009 (photo credit to Doc Marvin)

42Km Pacers 1st QCIM 2009 (photo credit to Doc Marvin)

This year QCIM, I was asked to be in the league of pacers again but this time for the Full Marathon.

Pacer duty is very a tough job. A pacer job is to run in a steady kilometers. We have to make sure that the runners whose running in our wings meet the target time.

Now, have you decided what's your target time in the coming QCIM? If not, Meet your Pacers, Your Marker.


4:00:00 Alipio Narciso / Jeff Abenina / Wilnar Iglesia/

4:15:00 Eric Socrates / Michelle Estuar F

4:30:00 Lester Chuayap / John Jeffrey Avellanosa / Russel Pata

4:45:00 Siosan Baysa F / Chinky Tan F

5:00:00 Albert Henson / Francisco Lapira/ Prince Baltazar/ Carly Dizon/ Chris Ng/Carly Dizon

5:15:00 Jade Lee F / Ronnie Gabriana/ Mar Marilag/Derek “Gab” Gabriel

5:30:00 Nickko Nolasco / George Dolores/

*Carina Manansala/ *Doc Topher Montaos *(Galloway Method)

6:00:00 Dwane David / Robert Rosario/ JJ Layug/ Allen Gasper


2:00:00 Jixee Lagunda/Brando Losaria/Nick Geaga

2:15:00 Tin Ferreira/Ricky Gundran/

2:30:00 Running Diva/Roelle Punzalan/Raymund Canta

2:45:00 Neil Barrios/Marvin Opulencia

3:00:00 Erick Alabastro/RJ Bumanglag

Each pacer will be holding a short 2 feet handled flag instead of balloons which is color-coded and the finish times indicated on each banner which corresponds to their target times. Each target time will have two (2) or more pacers. The "Lead Pacer" will be setting the pace and the "Sweeper" will be on watching and offer support and encouragement to runners who may be dropping off the pace.

The gun start for 42Km will be at 4:30am. So, for those running the Full Marathon they are advice to be at corral before the gun fired off and to seek for their pace marker. And for the 21K, you will be sent off after 30 mins later at 5:00am.

Goodluck!!! and See you on the Road!!!

Credit to Jazzrunner for the info.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sign up, Suit up, and Get Creative: Resorts World Manila’s Grand Fiesta Run 2010

The Grand Fiesta Run 2010 is near! Resorts World Manila (RWM) will bring back the “fun” in fun runs on November 28 in Newport City, and everyone’s invited to join! Prizes await winners, and participants get a shot at the amazing raffle prizes!

Come in your weirdest and wildest fiesta-inspired costumes, or suit up and grab your briefcase for an unforgettable rat raced theme run. Prizes await for the Best Dressed, Most Unique, Biggest Group/Company, and Wildest Costume.

At stake are fabulous Reward Points from Resorts World Manila that will make sure that you and your friends will have a memorable night at the first integrated tourism destination in the Philippines! Awards and corresponding prizes are as follows:


For those who want a bit of a challenge may opt to join the 3K, 5K, and 10K categories. Runners may select their finish chute for the chance to win prizes such as shop, movie, spa, hotel, and cruise gift certificates.

Not only that, incredible raffle prizes await the participants. RWM will be raffling off a 3D/2N stay at Resorts World Sentosa for four (4) with free tickets to Universal Studios OR a cruise for two (2) to Singapore and Malaysia and back to Singapore.

Winners of the raffle will be brought to their destinations via the Resorts World Manila private jet! How’s that for living the high life?

Registration fee for the run is P650.00 for all race categories. Interested parties may register before November 22 at the following: Chris Sports in MOA, Glorietta, and SM Mega Mall; R.O.X Bonifacio High Street, and at Resorts World Manila Tour Counter. Gun starts at: 6:00AM for 10K, 6:05AM for 5K, 6:10AM for 3K, and 7:15AM for 1K. Bring your families and friends on November 28 for one truly unforgettable fun run!

For more information, visit, or call the RWM Tour Counter at +63 2 836 6333.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We are in Phase 2!!

Adination of Runners phase 1 done! For those who are unaware of what aNR is? adiNation of Runners started in May 2009 in Singapore with 4 clubs. It was part of Adidas 360 approach to be a better running brand – Products, technology and service. aNR has 7 clubs in Singapore, 4 clubs in Philippines, 9 clubs in Malaysia, Indonesia. The adiNation of Runners is a running club with a different. The goal of the club is to provide members with value-added training and special privileges to train and motivate them to achieve new fitness levels. Every Runner is Different. For aNR it motivate each runner and push to stay motivated. aNR Philippines have 1,000 members since it started in March, 2010. To date, aNR has four sites, Alabang, Ayala Tri, BHS and Ortigas. On November 9, 2010, another site will be opening at MOA and UP.

What we have accomplished in Phase 1?

Here are the testimonies of aNR-BHS.

"aNR helped me have a "scientific" approach to my runs. Before I just run without any other knowledge about it but ever since joining aNR I learned different techniques on how to improve my running. The Team Leaders being an Ultramarathoners or Triathletes also gave me so inspiration that I can achieve those things in the future." - Mark Leonard Manalo

"When I joined the aNR training. This is where I found out about training from not only a single type of training that there was a couple of different training in running (from circuit to speed to name a few). It made me more prepared to run my first Marathon this year, to learn what to expect in a run and best of all less injury when I found out about your stretching techniques. Now I approach running differently it has more purpose and prepares me to set new goals every time we train and run." - James Rosca

"Running on the treadmill became unbearable and utterly boring, so I sought out for running buddies. I found adiNation of Runners BHS. But I got more than just company. I found expert coaches, dedicated runners, and cheerful friends. - Francis Fermin

"Before joining ANR I didn't have any formal training or joined any running clinic. My goal every run is just to cross the finish line; I was also not familiar with some running terms; I only get to understand some when I started joining the running clinic of Adidas. At ANR I was able to get myself familiarized with different terms and how I will apply them during training. I could also remember my time with Natures Valley RunRio Leg2 was 2hrs 39mins 21secs. I run another 21km at Rexona and all the hard work paid off and I had good PR there of 2hrs 16mins 37secs." - John Tigno

Exclusive Privileges got by aNR on Phase 1

Team aNR BHS a.ka. Storm Chasers

  • Free socks and key chains
  • 15% up to 30% off in adidas running products
  • FREE and 50% off in registration for KOTR 2010
  • Got a chance to buy the limited aNR singlets

On November 9, 2010 we are move to Phase 2 for Adination of Runners.

aNR Passport

What to expect?

For phase 2, aNR have two new sites, MOA and UP.

Your Team Leaders

  • Alabang - Jinoe and Nao
  • Ayala Tri - Bong_z and Ellen
  • BHS - Marvin, Carina and Que
  • MOA - Pojie and Cindy
  • Ortigas - Luis and Argo
  • UP - Rene and Abby

aNR Team Leaders

TL’s are not professional coaches but they can over perspectives from a real non-elite athletic perspective, quoted from GBM. TL’s can apply what they learned in clinics and trainings.

Rewards Programme.

  • Running freebies will be given out to motivate runners to run regularly.

To Add Value for Runners

  • Free sport drinks in every session
  • Rewards/prizes/benefits during runs


  • Held every 5th Saturday of the month
  • Special run to bring together runners from all clubs
  • Special route between 5-10km, start off from adidas store
  • Product demonstrations – sponsors/adidas
  • Product launch
  • Private shopping that offers 30% off
  • Raffles
Schedule of aNR Session:

Tuesdays: UP, 6:30pm, infront of Abelardo Hall,
Alabang, 7:00pm, Madrigal Business Park
Ayala Tri, 7:00pm, inside Ayala Tri Garden
Wednesdays: MOA, 7:00pm, IMAX Parking Lot
Ortigas, 7:30pm, Pearl Drive infront of UA&P
Thursdays: BHS, 7:30pm, Bonifacio High St. near ROX parking lot
Fridays: Ortigas, 7:30pm, Pearl Drive infront of UA&P

Join the aNR group forum at for more updates.

Credit to Marvin at Brando for the pictures

Monday, November 1, 2010

Inter City 30K Galloway Run

Route revisited in my third series of long run in preparation for QC International Marathon on December 5, 2010. Last year QCIM i was tapped to be one of the pacers for 21K with the target finish time of 2:45. This year, I was asked if i wanted to do the pacer duty again but this time it's for full marathon. I accepted the offer since I did well in my previous FM. I am assigned to 5:30 target finish time but i did remind the organizer that i will be doing the Galloway method. A RUN-WALK-RUN. In all of my long distance races i always apply the Galloway method. It's an injury free marathon training program.

Oct. 30, 2010, scheduled 30K long run. Again, i was assigned to find a good route for the 30K route. Hmmmm...where can i find a good one that we will not get bored? We always run in BHS and besides we did our 25K run on our 2nd series in the usual route in BGC! Why not do the Condura training route again Carina? Why not?! From I plan our exciting 30K long run, the inter city route. We started at Ayala Tri Stock Exchange (Makati City). We took the Kalayaan flyover going to Rizal Drive of BGC. Raff asked me before the day "Pwede ba tayo sa Kalayaan? Di ba bawal dun?" I answered him "Pwede naman basta maaga tayo, hehehe!" From Ayala Tri to the foot of the bridge is about 3km. It was so dark. I forgot to bring my blinker. None of us brought headlamps too. So, we ran in darkness that only passing cars head light served as our light. We reached the BGC, Taguig (2nd city). We were all serious while we continue our run. No one say a word, Raff jokingly said, "Galit ba kayo sa akin dahil late ako? hahaha!!" That's the only time we all talk.

Inter City 30Km Route

At around 5:20am we were in Bayani Road, the long stretch of road with flats and rolling hills. I told them that it is my most hated route 'cuz it's long!!! We passed the Heritage park. Since it was All Saint's Day weekend, the park was full of lights. A lot of people were also doing their morning routine. We saw Brando along the way in Lawton Ave. We reached our first pit stop, the 12Km mark 7-11 in Chino Roces Ave. Ext. Everybody were still in good condition. Still look fresh. Reloading and hydrating for 5 mins.

18kms to go! Let's go guys! We will show you where we did our long run last Condura Marathon. Raff and I lead the group. We know that it was new for them. We cross the bridge going to Villamor Air Base (Pasay, City. 3rd city). Raff and I reminiscing the original Gallowalkers then. We stop in front of Terminal 3 and Resort World (see related article for photo ops. We all passed the aiport roads, airport, domestic and NAIA Rd.

Terminal 3 at the back

Marriot and Resort World Hotel

2nd Pit Stop 18Km mark, PTT Gas Station in NAIA Road. After replenishing, we proceed our run. The weather is perfect. It's cloudy. On our 19th Km we reach the Macapagal Ave. We saw a lot of cyclist doing their peleton. Saw familiar face too, Hector of Secondwind. I told Raff that our next pit stop is Km24 but others might find it long. So, we asked them if they want to stop on Km22 or Km24. They shouted, Km22!!! hahaha!! Haring Araw started to appear when we reach MOA but we pray that it is only temporary and true enough, he hide again in the clouds.

Last 8km. Macapagal Ave. going to CCP. Raff requested for photo ops at Amazing Show Theater and another at Hotel Sofitel. We were consistent in our pace, 7-6:45/km at most from start to 28km but suddenly on the last 2km, we were increasing our pace. We wanted to finish the distance immediately. When Zalds, shouted 30Km!!! All suddenly walk, wth!! hahaha!!! Ok, coll down :) We walk the 200m going to 7-11 One Center, our End Route.

Amazing Show Theater and Sofitel in CCP Ground

No injury after. Thanks for those who joined us in our 3rd Series of Galloway training.

Congratulations to Julie, Jessie and Jesus for completing the distance. Their longest run so far.

See you next time!!

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