Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A message from Fred Uytengsu regarding the Ironman 70.3 Phils. 2011

In running, we heard a lot of complains about the high amount of registration, lack of this and that, and some curse to boycott their next races but when the event registration opens, they still register for it.

The world of multisport competitions has grown also. For 2011 Calendar, it's full of good races like the Cobra IM 70.3 Phils. on August. Organizing a triathlon is different from running since you have to deal with 3 disciplines. Now that Cobra Ironman start their registrion since December 1, 2010, are we hearing the same complaints from the local triathletes about the registration?

Below is the letter came from Mr. Fred Uytengsu, the Head of Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines.

"It has been brought to my attention about certain concerns and grumblings about the cost of Ironman 70.3 Philippines and the quick sell out of rooms at Camsur. I am not on Facebook but some friends alerted me about the situation.

Allow me to clarify some misconceptions. First of all, bringing Ironman to the Philippines has been a long time goal of mine and it took several years of negotiations. It also takes a quarter of a million dollars! We work with sponsors to defray as much of the costs as possible and registration fees are in line with other 70.3 events around the world. Some ask "why do we have to pay more in the Philippines than other local triathlons"? The simple answer is because it is a better event and it is an official Ironman race! Why do you pay more for a Rolex versus a Swatch? They both tell time. We are cognizant of the financial burden on triathletes and also try to keep costs down for transport and food. (Most races don't even arrange these details). Hopefully you will agree that the service and quality are better than most other events. WTC thinks so. Furthermore competing locally defrays the cost of airfare.

With respect to hotels, there is a shortage in CWC simply because so many people want to stay there. So as soon as registration opened, CWC rooms were filled up in 72 hours. There are some rooms reserved for sponsors but these are less than 20. At the Awards Banquet this year, Gov. Lray promised to build an additional 100 rooms. He is working on this but we are not in a position to offer these until they are confirmed. So for those who were not able to get in to CWC, I would suggest that you book another hotel and once the CWC rooms open up, it will be posted on the event website. I can tell you that in Kona, ALL hotels jack up their rates and require a minimum of a one week stay.

Registrations are far ahead of where they were last year. I expect we will sell out well ahead of schedule. We are seeing great interest from abroad because of the word of mouth support from those who attended last year. One group from Hawaii is bringing 15 triathletes and is also doing a charitable mission. So aside from promoting sports tourism, they are giving back to a community they have never visited before. This is something we can be proud of and encourage others to do. Additionally the sport is growing and we will have alot of first timers in 2011.

WTC Managing Director, Murphy Reinshreiber told me that Ironman 70.3 Philippines is one of the better races around and was the best inaugural race he had ever attended. Sure there are many areas for improvement but we are off to a good start. We are not tooting our own horn but simply trying to reinforce that we can hold world class events in the Philippines. By doing so we not only grow the sport but help with sports tourism. This is a free country and with Facebook and the internet we have seen a growing democratization of free speech.

I would have hoped to hear how many Filipino triathletes are proud of our very own 70.3. Instead, it is disappointing to see some of these complaints are typical of the crab mentality which negatively impacts our country. It is quite easy to try and drag someone down when they are trying to do well. I'd hope that more people would focus on trying to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. It is even more disappointing to read words like "boycott" coming from Filipino triathletes. You do have a choice and hopefully it is an informed choice. I trust the aforementioned has clarified any misconceptions and if you see fit, we'd like to see you at the finish line."

Merry Christmas.

Fred Uytengsu

Credit to Lara Parpan for the letter of Mr. Fred Uytengsu

Monday, December 13, 2010

Condura Registrion Delayed: December 15

Dear Runners,

We sincerely apologize for the delay in the opening of registration. We are implementing an electronic registration system for your convenience and data accuracy. This system will enable you to register at www.conduraskywaymarathon.com and pay and pick up the race kit and shirt at the Condura Skyway Marathon registration center in Greenbelt 3. We also have an online payment option with delivery to your doorstep. Our information technology supplier is hard at work even on this Sunday conducting final quality assurance tests to ensure the system is reliable. They have advised us that the system will be up and running by midnight of December 15.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.


Condura Skyway Marathon Secretariat

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Must Run: Condura Skyway Marathon!

Condura Run 2011 will be my 3rd year of participation in the race. It is a must race for me. The beneficiary of the race is for the marine life.

On 2009, it's a Run for Butanting in Donsol. It was my first 10k and my first to run in Kalayaan flyover.

On 2010, it's a Run for the Dolphin, my first Full Marathon and my first time to run in Skyway all through out to Bicutan and the heartbreak hill of NAIA Skyway.

For 2011 Condura Run Skyway Marathon, it's a Run for the Dolphin of Bohol. Runners will again experience to run in the Skyway not only for the 42k and 21k but also runners who will be running the 10k. Yes, you read it right!! 10k runners will also run some part of skyway. But wait there's more!!! Condura will also brings you a new race category that will also run the skyway, the 16K.

So mark your calendar!!!

Race Day: February 6, 2010
The Condura Skyway Marathon

Starts of registration on December 12, 2010 at Asics, Greenbelt 3.

  • 3K and 5k - new route in Bonifacio Global City. ( Start/Finish at Bonifacio Global City)
  • 10K - first time to be run in the Skyway. (Start at Ayala; Finish at Bonifacio Global City)
  • 16K – new race category to be run on the Skyway. (Start at Ayala; Finish at Bonifacio Global City)
  • 21K (Half Marathon) – Run more of the Skyway with a new route. (Start at Ayala; Finish at Bonifacio Global City )
  • 42K (Full Marathon) – On the new extended Skyway up to Sucat Road. (Start/Finish at Bonifacio Global City )
D-Tag Timing System will be used for this event.
Dri-Fit type technical shirt will be given
Medals for ALL finishers.

Race Organizer: Runrio

This run is spearheaded by the Concepcion brothers, Anton and Patrick Concepcion.

Visit their website for upcoming updates at http://www.conduraskywaymarathon.com/

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SKYHIGH, You Want?





29 January 2011, Saturday,
Mt. Sto. Tomas, Baguiio City, Benguet

The first of a series SKYRACES™ (mountain trail running at high altitude) for 2011, organized by the Philippine Skyrunning Association (PSA). This will also serve as the test race for the ISF-sanctioned Philippine International Skyrace slated for 08 October 2011.Click here to see other skyraces worldwide.

Slots are limited. Pre-register NOW by emailing (1) Name, (2) Gender (3) Birthdate, (4) Mobile number to kath_rabe24@yahoo.com and philskyrunning@yahoo.com.

Race Course Description:

A 21km mountain running race starting from the Kennon Road Toll Plaza (771masl). The first 10km is a steep climb to the peak of Mt Sto Tomas (2257masl). The next 11 km is a fast descend from Mt Sto Tomas (the highest point around Bagiuio) through to Mt Cabuyao (2025masl) and finally to the finish line at Green Valley Country Club (1546masl). The total elevation gain is 2178 meters, while the total elevation loss is 1445 meters. The race course features magficent views of the mountaiins as well the great view of the whole of Baguio City. About 80% of the route is single track trail and rough road, while the remainder is paved road.Click here for route map and profile.

How to Get to the Race Site:
From Metro Manila, take a bus to Baguio City. Victory Liner buses leaves for Baguio from EDSA Pasay and EDSA Cubao every 30 minutes. Fee for regular aircon buses is P440 while the fee for the roomier deluxe buses is P700. From Bagiuo City, take a taxi to Kennon Road Toll Plaza (Starting Line). The taxi fare will be about P100. If you are traveling with your vehicle and would like to share the ride and expenses with other runners, please advise us so we can hook you up.

Awards and Prizes:

Medals will be awarded to the following:
Top 3 Overall, Male & Female
Top Runner, Male & Female in 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60& over age groups
Top 3 Male & Female in the Mountaineer Category
All finishers will receive finisher’s t-shirt, and will be qualified for raffle prizes.

Event Schedule:

5~6am Assembly, Check in, Race briefing
6am Start of the Akyathlon®
2pm Awarding, Raffle, Lunch

Hundreds of hotels, hostels, inns and hoestay are scattered all over Baguio City. Please contact us if you need help.

Race Guidelines:

* Each runner must be self-contained and self-reliant, complete with hydration pack or fuel belt, trail food and first aid kit
* The supplied race number bibs must be worn/pinned at the front and back of each runner.
* Water loading stations will be available at the base of the mountain (Kenon Rd Toll Plaza) and at the peak of Mt. Sto Tomas.
* The trail will be marked with blue ribbons, directional signs will be installed at appropriate junctions.
* Race marshals will be stationed along the course.
* Two response teams are posted at pre-determined spots along the course.
* The use of trekking poles is permitted.
* Bringing of mobile phone is encouraged (fully charged and with load).
* Suggested things to bring: headgear, headlamp, raincoat.
* In case of serious injuries of a fellow runner or other emergencies, runners are obligated to pause with his/her racing, extend the appropriate help, and call/text the race organizer.

Registration Fee:
₱1,100 if paid until 30 December 2010
₱1,300 if paid until 15 January 2011

Payment can be made handing the fee to any PSA officer, or deposit the fee to BPI current account number 3191-0473-02 of the Philippine Skyrunning Association. Email the scanned/photographed deposit slip with your name to kath_rabe24@yahoo.com or fax to 820-4225.

source: Mon Marchan of Phil. Sky Running

Monday, December 6, 2010

My 4th Full Marathon and First Run for 2011

My first run for the year 2011 and my 4th Full Marathon Finisher's medal, Cebu City Marathon 2011.

Watch out for the full story.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

1st Annual Run Barefoot - 2nd day of Manila Leg

Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee, the Authors of Barefoot Running book are here in the country for a series of barefoot clinics and book signing. The 2nd day of their Manila leg held last November 30, 2010 at R.O.X., BHS, Taguig.

I was one of the lucky attendees to get to know more about barefoot running.

The Authors -

Michael Sandler is a best-selling author, and an internationally recognized barefoot running and walking coach, teaching thousands of runners, walkers, and hikers of all abilities. He has coached athletes professionally for nearly 20 years. He was into cycling and speed skating before entering the sport of running. While training for a cross-country inline skating trip, Michael suffered a near-death accident which left him with a titanium femur and hip along 10 knee operations, no ACL, and an inch hip discrepancy. As former athlete, Michael was told that he could never run again. But Michael didn’t lose hope. He go on barefoot and feel the ground. He began to heal as he learned how to run light and free. He now runs pain free 10-20 miles a day and in all conditions. Two months after the accident. He set the fastest record for the Bolder Boulder and Denver Half-Marathon by completing these popular races on crutches. He now runs barefoot 10 to 20 miles daily on rocky trails, hot asphalt, and even snow and ice, and sub-five minute miles barefoot all with his titanium femur and hip. He go on barefoot and feel the ground. He began to heal as he learned how to run light and free. He now runs pain free 10-20 miles a day and in all conditions.

The operation he undergo

His Knee after 4 yrs. of operation

Co-Author Jessica Lee hates running. In 2007, she ran the Bolder Boulder 10K and felt crippled with knee pain after the first 3K. After this unpleasant experience, she decided to give up the sport and focus her athletic efforts into cycling. This lasted until she met Michael and became inspired to run again, finding a pain-free joyous experience in barefoot running.

Together, they co-founded the RunBare Company.

Get your copy!!!

Is Running Barefoot the Answer to Runner's Injury?

There has been a lot of debate about running barefoot. There has been a number of research studies that have compared running without shoes to shod running and have also compared heel strike running to forefoot running. All the studies actually showed was that they were different. None of the studies actually showed that one was better than the other. There is probably nothing wrong with running barefoot provided it is done carefully, adapted to slowly and used as part of a balanced training program.

Run 100 yards first to feel the ground, then 200 yards on your next run and continue increasing it until your legs are fully adapted.

According to Daniel Lieberman's Skeletal Biology Lab of Harvard University, they have been investigating the biomechanics of endurance running, comparing habitually barefoot runners with runners who normally run in modern running shoes with built-up heels, stiff soles and arch support.

Their research asked how and why humans can and did run comfortably without modern running shoes. We tested and confirmed what many people knew already: that most experienced, habitually barefoot runners tend to avoid landing on the heel and instead land with a forefoot or midfoot strike. The bulk of our published research explores the collisional mechanics of different kinds of foot strikes. We show that most forefoot and some midfoot strikes (shod or barefoot) do not generate the sudden, large impact transients that occur when you heel strike (shod or barefoot). Consequently, runners who forefoot or midfoot strike do not need shoes with elevated cushioned heels to cope with these sudden, high transient forces that occur when you land on the ground. Therefore, barefoot and minimally shod people can run easily on the hardest surfaces in the world without discomfort from landing. If impact transient forces contribute to some forms of injury, then this style of running (shod or barefoot) might have some benefits, but that hypothesis remains to be tested.

Every runner is different. So, it is still with the runners to choose to run barefoot or not.

Barefoot exercises

crawl your toes

strengthen your toes with golf ball

run like a child

Takbo.ph at the clinic

Choose your minimalist running gears!

Photo credit to - Doc Marvin Opulencia http://zmarvin.multiply.com/; Takbo.ph and Barefoot Inc.

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