Monday, October 24, 2011

adidas KOTR Race Results and Discussions

I ran the 16.8km distance even I haven't got enough mileage. KOTR 16.8km was my first long run after the Cebu Marathon last January 2011. It didn't matter to me what time I may finish the distance as long I'll see my friends along the road. I've been leading one of the running groups in BHS and I would like to know how they performed during the race.

I am so excited opening my computer checking if the results are available already and when you search it, you will see "adidas KOTR Race Results and Discussions" of this site and when you "click" it, there's nothing available information for you to see. I've been fooled and deceived! Did it happen to you also? Have you ever been fooled of this site. Actually, these has been a practice of this site, first to post the "Race Results and Discussions" just to get hits. The site doesn't care if you are being fooled and deceived. This site only care is the "HITS" as if this is their bread and butter.

Speak with integrity.

I believe what you say reflects of who you are.

Be a responsible cyber user. Be a responsible blogger. Feed only the truth.

So, to my fellow runners, if you want to see your official race results, go to the owner of the race. Go to the site of the official organizer or to the site with integrity. Think before you click.


  1. But lots of "psuedo-runner-cum" bloggers also do this, a good example is some diabetic runner who not only spams FB running groups that does exactly the same. Many other blogger-runners are also guilty of this and not only pinoyfitness :) It's just how the web works when it comes to these online-click-you-get-income schemes, it's how you optimize your site so when people search using google you're at the top of the list. These blogs just adds another layer of abstraction to it :)


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