Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rules in Multisport

A lot of runners, cyclists and swimmers wanted to get into multisport. When you decide to take part in Triathlon, Duathlon or Aquathlon, you will need to know the rules of Multisport. Triathlon is a sport event with three disciplines, consist of swim, bike and run. Duathlon is most likely similar to triathlon being the lack of swim and Aquathlon is another derived from triathlon that has omitted the cycling part. In multisport, there are certain rules you must follow and the rules you must be learned, "be informed".

On the 3rd Leg of Powerade Duathlon in Nuvali last November 19, 2011, Noelle "Kikayrunner", Joy and I supported our teammates from Endure Multisport and friends who participated in the race. While we were cheering, Coach Rick Reyes of Triathlon Association of the Philippines (TRAP) noticed that there's a lot of participants were using MP3s and keep reminding them to take it off. We told him that maybe those are runners and might not be aware of the rules. He asked if MP3s are allowed in road races and we gave him a nod. In this regard, I thought of giving you some rules in multisport and consolidate it for you so that it must remember specially for the newbies and for those who wanted to take part into multisport in the future.

Rules are placed for Safety and Fairness at the higher standard.

1. Multisport prohibit any outside assistance from anyone else except from race staff and crew.
  • No passing of clothing or holding of equipment
  • No passing of nutrition or hydration except from the official nutrition/hydration area
  • No pacers are allowed in the run leg.
2. Abandonement - if you drop something on the course, you MUST go back and get it. You don't want to be disqualified at any cause.
  • This includes dropped cap and goggles, water bottles, power gel/energy bars wrapper, etc.
3. Helmets is mandatory on the bike. Strap must be fastened before you get on the bike and after you get off the bike.

4. All swimmers must wear the swim cap provided in your race packet.
  • Some races do not allow speed suits. Swimmer must not cover the neck, extend past the shoulder, nor extend past the knees. Swimwear may contain a zipper. All tri suits must be sleeveless and must not go beyond the knees.
5. Mount and dismount bicycles at the indicated mount/dismount line or sign only.

6. No headphones/ipods/walkmans/etc allowed during the race at any time!

7. Race Numbers or Bib Numbers MUST be visible at all times in order for athlete to be timed. You must have your number on the front side of your body on the run portion and finish line.

8. No bare torso in run leg.

9. No Drafting allowed on the bike
  • Allow 3 bike lengths between you and the next person in front of you except when passing; drop by 3 bike lengths after being passed. Drafting subject to time penalty or disqualification. Drafting is only allowed for professionals, elites and only if stated in the rules of the race organizer.
10. Athlete Conduct
  • All athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a sportmanlike way. Race Organizer reserves the right to refuse future race entry and to disqualify anyone who conducts himself or herself in a way unbecoming of an athlete. fighting, foul language, cheating and other sportmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. (May also observe/apply to the parents of Triathlon kids)

The rules of multisport must be learned so that the participant do not get disqualified or penalized for the mistake. But rules may differ depends on the race organizer which means you must read and do your research before each race.

I hope I was able to help you understand the rules in multisport.


  1. You might want to add something about the mount/dismount area sa bike. Nasita ako nito nung first time ko kasi mag early mount sana ako :-)

  2. very helpful for us newbies...even copied them. thanks!



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