Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet the 5 Finalists for the Pharmathon Unleashed Challenge

The Pharmaton MVPs will traverse 2,795 kilometers of the entire archipelago. They will be tasked to run, bike , kayak, sail, and swim the distance; each challenge will be timed and recorded. The challenger with the best total cumulative race time will be the Ultimate Pharmaton MVP.

45 Rivers.

7,107 Islands.

2,000 Kilometers.

5 Challengers.

The Five (5) Finalists are:

1. Anthony Cuerpo - an Off-Road Enthusiast. Duathlete.

2. TJ Isla - an accomplished Triathlete

3. Miguel Lopez - an ITU level 1 coach, member of Fitness First Triathlon Team

4. Popo Remigio - member of all girls Triathlon Team David's Salon.

5. Monica Torres - former National Athlete and, an accomplished Triathlete.

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