Monday, September 17, 2012

Who is Angelo Ortiz?

I had no plan of going out on a gloomy Saturday. It's nice to just stay at home but I need go out to register for KOTR. So, I get up and pulled my butt in the bed and went to Greenbelt 3 where the nearest store of adidas is located. After I registered, I feel hungry. I was craving for lutong bahay and I end up in Sentro. I tried their vegetable kare-kare. It was good but the bagoong was  slightly overcooked ;) hehehe! But over all the food was fairly good.

I was so full and decided to take a walk for a couple of minustes. My legs brought me to G5. I heard a live music playing inside the mall. It was not an ordinary music we usually hear, it was a symphony concerto. I saw a guy on the middle at the piano and on his side were the wind symphony orchestra players. I stopped for a moment to watch and listen, anyway it's free. I took a couple of pictures of the show. I finished the whole performance together with a few people who love classical music. I would not be surprised why I love watching them. Music runs in the family. I have a sister who's a graduate of BS Music. Anyway, she used to perform in front of us especially if my deceased lola requested for her favorite classical music "Poet and Peasant" by Franz von Suppe. (don't you miss playing this sister? :-) 

Back to this guy behind the piano. 

Who is Angelo Ortiz? I never heard of him. I never seen him performs in tv or it's just me. So, I made some research and the result was very promising. This guy is actually performed in several events and appeared in some variety shows. Angelo Ortiz started playing the piano at the age of 6. He was able to play without formal training at an early age. At 25, he is considered as one of the Philippine's pioneer in classical pop recording. He had won two world titles as the Overall Instrumental World Champion for Classical and Original Works at World Championship of Performing Arts held in Hollywood, California, USA.

Angelo's music can be hear in his 4 record albums. One is Classic A, where it contains his rendition of "Chariots of Fire" and two of his original composition. Second is New Age Christmas Bliss, an Awit Award nominated album where all traditional songs that arranged in classical romantic piano instrumental serenade. The third album is A Love Affair that contains movie themes like "Love Affair" and "An Affair to Remember and the fourth album is Serenity that contains all-original piano instrumental album.

I will check his music again when I'll be able to find time to visit the music store.

Angelo Ortiz ~ Composer / Pianist

Soure: Angelo Ortiz

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