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Run United 1 2013 FAQs

How can I register for this race?

You can register for 2013 RUN UNITED 1 via online or in-store. To register online, log on to from January 21 to February 24, 2013. In-store registration is from February 4 to March 3, 2013.Race kits may be sold-out before the announced registration deadline. When this happens registration may be closed earlier than the said registration deadline.

Upon registration please check for your Unique Runners ID to expedite your registration process. Simply enter your last name or birth date to check with our database. A valid ID must also be presented for validation. For group registration, the designated representative must present a photocopy of any valid ID with picture of the participants.

Upon completion of in-store registration, you will receive the complete race kit. For online registrants, your complete race kit will be delivered within February 4 to March 3, 2013.

Where are the registration centers?

Is there a fee required for registration?

Yes, the entry fee and inclusions are as follows:
Reg Fees and Inclusions

Can I register myself in more than one category?

No. We do not allow multiple category registration as this may affect or disrupt your timing and for safety purposes as well.

How do I know if I have been officially registered?
For online registration, upon successful registration, the registration confirmation slip will appear on the screen available for printing. You will also receive an e-mail with a copy of the registration confirmation slip.
For in-store registration, the store staff will provide a registration receipt.

After I have successfully registered for the event, can I change my event category?
No. Registration is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Should I choose not to participate after I've registered for the event, can I withdraw?
Yes. However, please note our withdrawal policy.

Withdrawal Policy
Participants who chose not to take part in the event after having registered can choose to withdraw. However, please note that there will not be any registration fee refund. Race slots are also strictly non-transferable.

Is it possible to make changes to the information I have provided after registration?
Yes. You may proceed to the registration center where you registered and ask the Registration Assistant to correct your records. However changes in your information are limited to typographical errors and change in address and contact numbers only.

What should I do if I have accidentally deleted my confirmation email?
You may email Runrio at feedback@runrio.comand they will resend your confirmation email to your specified email address.

What are the race categories?
- 500m 5-8 years old, male and female
- 500m 9-12 years old, male and female
- 5K male and female
- 10K male and female
- 21K male and female

What are the available registration payment modes?
You can choose to either pay by:
 Cash – in-store registration
 Credit Card (VISA / MasterCard) – in-store& online* registration
Is the online registration system secure?
Yes. We use a security system consistent with the banking industry standards of the Philippines.
*Please note: Online registration with delivery entails extra costs: service fee and delivery fee, on top of published registration fees.

Where should I line up for the start of the race?
The starting line for ALL categories shall be along Seaside Boulevard at the Mall of Asia grounds.

The 21k, 10k and 5k participants’ starting line is along Seaside Blvd. North bound (near Block 16) in Mall of Asia.

The Ceelin 500m dash participants’ starting line is along Seaside Blvd. South bound (near Block 16) in Mall of Asia. The Ceelin 500m dash participants’ wrist tags are provided upon registration. The parent and child participant must put on their corresponding wrist tags complete with contact details on race day. NO tag, NO race.

Where can I leave my belongings?

Baggage deposit facilities will be made available for you. We recommend that you arrive earlier than the gun time to deposit your bags to avoid delays. You must deposit your
baggage/s at designated baggage deposit tents for your particular distance.
While maximum care and security will be enforced, the organizers will not be responsible for any loss or damaged items or delays in retrieving bags. We strongly advise that you do not to leave any valuables in your bags. The race organizer and any of its sponsors will not be held liable for any loss or damage to your personal items.

Is it necessary to wear the D-tag timing device?
Yes, as this is will be used to measure your accurate race results and split times.

Do I need to return the D-Tag upon completing the Race?
Yes, we will collect the D-tag at the Finishers Kit Claiming Area. No D-tag, No Finishers Kits.

What happens if I am injured along the Race route?
First Aid stations can be found along the race route as well. You may also alert Route Marshals or patrolling Paramedics regarding your injury.

Will there be a cut-off time for the start of the race?
ALL CATEGORIES have a start cut-off time of 15 minutes after the gunstart. Runners who arrive later than 15 minutes after gunstart will no longer be allowed to start the race for safety and security reasons.

The 21k category start time cut-off is 15 minutes after the last wave starts.
In order to ensure timely re-opening of roads to normal traffic and help ensure your safety, the race organizer will deploy a vehicle to pickup all remaining runners on the race route starting at 7:30am. By this time, all participants are encouraged to stop running and board the official vehicle. They are automatically disqualified and will be taken directly to the finish venue.

What kind of finisher entitlement will I get after I complete the race?

  • All finishers will receive an Active Health Token and drinks after crossing the finish line. Race analysis will also be provided for each finisher of the said categories within 3 days after the race.
  • In addition to the items stated above, all 21K finishers will also receive a finisher’s medal and a finisher’s shirt.
What if the 2013 Run United 1 race singlet does not fit me? Can I still participate in the race? Can I exchange it for a different size?
Yes you may still participate in the race. Singlet can also be exchanged within seven (7) days after date of registration. Singlet can be exchanged provided it is in new and original condition. Singlet sizes are also subject to availability.

What drinks will be available for us?
You can refresh yourself with Gatorade and water at the hydration stations.

Are walkers permitted to participate in Run United 1?
Yes. But should you wish to walk during the race, kindly keep to the right side of the route to allow faster competitors to pass.

Can I bring my pet dog with me for the race?
No. For the safety of the other runners, pets are strictly not allowed at the event site.
Will wheelchairs, bikes, skates or strollers be allowed on the race route?
No. Instruments with built-in wheels other than those on the official vehicles will not be allowed on the race course.

Will my family and friends be allowed to come support me at the Event?
Yes, supporters are most welcome to cheer you on anywhere along the entire race route. Please remind them though that they should be mindful not to block the path/route that the participants run in.

What prizes will be awarded for each category?
CATEGORY               1ST (Male/ Female)   2ND (Male/Female)    3RD (Male/Female)
    5km                              Php5,000               Php4,000                     Php3,000
  10km                              Php6,000               Php5,000                     Php4,000
  21km                              Php8,500               Php7,500                     Php6,500

Where and when will the Awards Presentation Ceremony be held?
The Awards Ceremony will be held at the Unilab Active Health Village on the day of the race.

How do I get to the race site?
The Race Start is located at Seaside Boulevard near Block 16 for ALL race categories. There are various ways to get to the race site. These are via:
 Cab/Taxi
 Bus or public transport

Will there be road closures and parking facilities at the start and finish line?
Yes, there will be road closures. Parts of the race route on the event day will be closed to traffic. Please refer to the official road advisory in the official race guide for specific road closure timings.

At the MOA, you may park at the following areas:
 South Parking Building (Car Park Building above Dept Store)
 North Parking Building (Car Park Building above Hypermarket)
 South Open Parking (Open Car Park in between Arena and SMX)
 North Open Parking (Open Car Park in between One E-com and SMDC Showroom)
 Block 2 (Open Car Park behind SMX)
 Planetarium Parking (Open Car Park beside Selecta Kids Universe)

Who can I contact for more information?
For inquiries, you may call us through any of the following contact numbers from Monday to Friday (10:00am – 6:00pm).
Landline  887-6194
Globe  0927-347-7700
Smart  0929-717-8164

For your other concerns and feedback email:

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