Thursday, February 28, 2013

Where to Eat in Panglao Island

The Buzzz Cafe "of the Bee Farm"  
Rate: 5 (1 is the lowest, highest is 5)

Coming from the airport and looking for a restaurant to eat, do drop by at The Buzzz Cafe of the Bee Farm located at Island City Mall (ICM), Tagbilaran. They offer you free appetizers!
Chips with Salsa 
Squash Bread w/ Mango & Malungay Spread
Shrimp Salad
Blue Marlin w/ red rice and flower salad

SWISS Restaurant in Alona Beach
Rate: 3

#15 in Tripadvisor. We ordered for their menu of the day and we regret it, hahaha! I don't recommend their Roast Pork. Order something else ;)

Roast Pork (blah!)

L’ Elephant Blue 
Rate: 5

L' Elephant Blue is the same owner of the hotel were we stayed.  L’ Elephant Blue is #2 in the list of recommended restaurant in the Island of Panglao. The restaurant is just across our hotel.  The restaurant is small and if you wanted to get a table you must make a reservation or come early as many customers lined up to get a table.  This restaurant offered French cuisine. The food was definitely worth for your money.

L' Elephant Restaurant
Graziella Italian/Filipino Cuisine
Rate:  4

As I mentioned in Panglao Chronicle: Island Hopping, it took us awhile before we get a table. Their set of menu was a combination of italian and filipino food in big servings. They also serve wine in a reasonable price. 

Rate: 3

Try Oasis Beach Resort in Alona Beach.  

Alona drink
Fire dance

Trudis Place
Rate: 4

This is where we had our last breakfast in the island. Best time to eat in the morning by the beach.

I will definitely go back in Panglao Island!

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